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I first got involved with Fashion because of a good friend of mine, Wanhi Lee, a film director from Korea who is a big inspiration to me. He couldn't make it to a video shoot for the musician and model Kristina Bazan so he recommended me on his place. I was, (and I have to recognize it) scared as &*%# Yeah, well you know, my first really important shoot in fashion photography for a magazine from New York! it wasn't a minor thing to me so I told myself: "you better don't screw this up and dress decent for once!" 

I got there, on time, camera hanging on my shoulder, coffee on the other hand (of course), ready to shoot. For some reason I even putted on make up! hold on! it was my mom's idea! I putted on make up to go to a photoshoot (early in the morning! that's a big WTF if you are my friend and you know me) but I did it. That's how much I cared from the very beginning. 

Don't think any bad happened, actually, went better that I couldn't imagine. The editor in chief from Japan, checked on my IG and website and guess what? next thing I knew, one week later I was assisting my friend Wanhi. This time was a shoot for Zavia Ward, a young talented and beautiful singer from United States who had collaborated with artists like Lady Gaga and Zayn Malik.  

After that, the magazine's editor sent me a direct message and said: "hey! I saw your natural light portraits, I love it! I think you should be our photographer in west side LA"

I am not going to tell you how happy and confused I was. First of all, I never imagined that somebody with such a eye for fashion would ever hired me. You see, I come from street photography, from documentary, from cultural portraits, sometimes "stolen portraits" of people along the road, most of the time I tiped or asked for, but still... I was there with this message saying "I love your work, would you be the head photographer for some of our upcoming shoots?"

Check out this slideshow with Charlie Weber and Jordan Fisher photographs selected to print

"It takes one person to believe in you" 

Abla Sofy from Morocco

I could say, hope and passion been driving me to take this shoots for these productions and so, here I remain, taking shoots around Venice Beach for this amazing magazine from my favorite Babylon NYC! 

Even more exciting, just check out Ricky Whittle :P

                                                       Ricky Wittle.

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